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The True Meaning Of Smekday

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True Meaning Of Smekday

My kids want to share with you a great child's book called The True Meaning Of Smekday. The author is Adam Rex and it was published on the 5th of May, 2009 by Hyperion Book CH. The book has 432 pages. To get your very own copy of this book, check out our affilate link on this site.

Hyperion Book CH

MPN: FBA-|279617
ISBN: 0786849010
Author: Adam Rex

It all starts making use of a school essay. When her mom began telling everyone in regards to the messages aliens were sending through a mole on the back of her neck? Or when the Boov declared Earth a colony, renamed it “ Smekland” (in honor of glorious Captain Smek) , and forced all Americans to relocate to Florida via rocketpod?   In any case, Gratuity's story is much, much bigger than the assignment.   When twelve-year-old Gratuity (“ Tip”) Tucci is assigned to write 5 pages on “ The True Meaning of Smekday” for the National Time Capsule contest, she's not sure where to start. Maybe on Christmas Eve, when huge, bizarre spaceships descended on the Earth and the aliens – called Boov – abducted her mother? It involves her unlikely friendship getting a renegade Boov mechanic named J. Lo. ; a futile journey south to find Gratuity's mother in the Happy Mouse Kingdom; a cross-country road trip in a hovercar named Slushious; and an outrageous strategy to conserve the Earth from yet one more alien invasion.


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