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Bruce Coville's Book Of Aliens: Tales To Warp Your Mind

Reviews 4 Stars
Bruce Covilles Book Of Aliens Tales

Brief summary:

If you like the spine-tingling, creepy crawly feeling you get when someone says alien, you've found the perfect book! Bruce Coville, best selling suthor of the My Teacher is an Alien series has traveled to planets you've never dreamed of to gather some of the scariest, funniest, most mind-expanding stories in the universe.
Let me share with you a great book entitled Aliens : tales to warp your mind. The author is Bruce Coville and it was published around August of 1995 by Apple. The children's book is centered on Aliens and it is deemed exceptional fiction. An Apple paperback. A GLC book, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.


ISBN: 0590461621
Author: Bruce Coville


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