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Annihilation - The Power Of A Queen (annihilation Series (book Two))

Annihilation5 Star Rating
"Annihilation" - Is Regarded As A Must Have Child's Book

Shopping for a nice book? Annihilation - The Power Of A Queen (annihilation Series (book Two)) written by Saxon Andrew is a superb children's book! Written by Saxon Andrew and it was published by The went on sale around March of 2011. The child's book has 222 pages. While reading can be something of which everybody, of any age can engage in, you will discover absolutely various ways for which you can make the thrill a great deal better. See these pointers and you will like reading a whole lot more.

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Author: Saxon Andrew

  The  second book in the Number One Bestseling Science Fiction Series. Those moments proved fatal when those beams moving at light speed hit his ships."Lt. The four fortresses on this side of the planet are to target their zones. Nothing remained when it turned off. Out of 800 ships hanging above the planet only 10 were able to begin moving but they had been hit before they could move out of range. We are going reside weapons."'Start your acceleration now. Hang on. Where those beams hit, nothing at all remained. The Annihilation Trilogy continues inside the second book and also the adventure intensifies due to the truth the forces arrayed against humanity are coming enmass. All seven books inside the series have been number a single bestsellers at Amazon's Science Fiction Series. This series is Space Opera at its finest. As the other forts rotate into position, move your zone with the rotation. The Humans have destroyed 2,000 Alliance Warships and now they are taking the war to the worlds responsible for attempting to destroy Earth."Holy Groad, what was that?"The Alliance still has over 48,000 Warships however the way things are going, they might not be enough. The ride gets far more intense. Hold your fire till we eliminate the ten suicide ships."the Warleader said."Get out of there!"" Attention all fortresses; this is Colonel Taz. We will fire in 30 seconds. Excerpt from Power of A Queen"Warleader, we are in position. I assume they will run straight from the planet, but stay alert in case they try to run about it. Target the ships around our screen. His fleet was sitting still and it took a handful of moments to acquire under way. A new Queen has come to energy and her impact on the struggle will most likely be monumental."The ten Vgrig ships were accelerating at their maximum speed and were 80 miles from the surface in the screen when a bright white light 5 miles wide erupted from the fortress and hit the ten ships. Then he saw more than a hundred of those beams fire by indicates of his ships."he yelled into his com; but it was no use."War leader, the screen has decreased to 87 degs thickness,"the sensor officer said,"and all of our ships have been blown out of existence. Minishe said,"Sir the ten ships have turned and are accelerating toward our fort.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Number of Pages: 222

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