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Aliens Vs. Dinosaurs: At The Beginning Of Time

Aliens Vs. Dinosaurs: At The Beginning5 Star Rating
Aliens Vs Dinosaurs At The Beginning
"Aliens Vs. Dinosaurs: At The Beginning"

The author is Nicholas Delmedico and the publisher is This book went on sale sometime in 2011. The child's book is 254 pages long. As you read, envision this circumstance inside of your head, add to cart by clicking the weblink below., Aliens Vs. Dinosaurs: At The Beginning. aliens dinosaurs beginning time enter dinosaur

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Author: Nicholas Delmedico

Enter the dinosaur world of 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs battle against the alien crafts but fail to steer clear of them from taking their young. Who will win the battle of all time when dinosaurs face off against an advanced alien race beneath the rein of a ruthless leader? Hostile aliens visit the earth to retrieve specimens for their experiments. Here starts an epic battle on ancient earth that is carried to another distant planet. They now must produce an uneasy alliance with all the stranded aliens in order to rescue their children from the alien home-world.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Number of Pages: 254

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