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Aliens Love Underpants

Reviews 4 Stars
Aliens Love Underpants


Illustrations and rhyming text reveal the true reason aliens visit Earth is that they deem underpants so much fun to play with.
For anybody who is looking for a children's book I've assembled some information. Aliens Love Underpants is an awesome child's book! Written by Claire Freedman and the publisher is Barron's Educational Series. It went on sale on the 1st of September, 2007. This is the 1st ed. for the U.S. and Canada. of the book is 32 pages long and it is full of nicely colored illustrations. It's 0.38" Height x 11.08" Length x 9.6" Width. It has a weight of 1.02 lbs. To get your own personal print of this child's book, visit the button.

Barron's Educational Series

MPN: 9780764160875
ISBN: 0764160877
Author: Claire Freedman

It's a totally zany story with several of the silliest illustrations to seem in a lot of seasons--which is to say that Aliens Really like Underpants will be a surefire hit among toddlers and beginning readers. They like them large or small, they like them red or green--and they like them in all other sizes and colors, too. They just want to steal everybody's underpants! And Grandpa's woolly long johns make a super-whizzy slide! The text is in verse, the illustrations are big and bright, and kids who open this book will giggle from 1st page to last. When tiny aliens fly down to Earth, they don't come to visit since they wish to meet the Earthlings. They feel that Mom's pink, frilly panties are a perfect place to hide.


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