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Alien Snow (good Vs Evil)

Reviews 4 Stars
Alien Snow

In case you're looking to purchase a book We've come up with very good info. Alien Snow is an excellent children's book. Written by Michael Dahl and it was published around August of 2011 by Stone Arch Books. The children's book is 48 pages long. It's 7.28"H x 5.12"L x 0.12"W. It weighs close to 0.2 lbs. Imagine your self as the key character, questioning together with desperate for an answers. Whenever you read, think about the particular scenario inside your mind. To learn more about this child's book, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button below.

Stone Arch Books

ISBN: 1434234444
Author: Michael Dahl

On a winter day, a young boy visits a strange antique shop. The eerie shopkeeper tries to interest the boy in his personal collection of snow globes. The boy is polite, but clearly bored by the objects. The boy must find a way to escape, or stay a trapped forever! Then suddenly, the boy finds himself trapped inside one distinct of the globes, another prisoner inside the shopkeeper's collection.


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