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The Alien Recruitment

Alien Recruitment5 Star Rating
Alien Recruitment
"Alien Recruitment"

Alien Recruitment by Shelly Santiago is a nice children's book. The book has 85 pages. Just picture yourself as being the major character, asking yourself plus desperate for the answers as you go along. To get the best price for a copy on this children's book as well as other children's books, visit our affilate link below.

Alien Recruitment. alien recruitment party over people pouring

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Author: Shelly Santiago

The party is now over, and individuals are pouring into the streets. With chaos spreading in to the air  Toni is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever. As Toni starts to walk property one dark night she hears a faint  whisper. With luck at the identical time as the aid of a friend Toni figures out the attackers true  identity  and their master plan. Could you join an alien guard if it meant saving your life? As she begins her journey generating use of the aliens she comes to the  conclusion  that she is no longer the person she knew before the attack. Toni tries to accept her new identity and  responsibility  until she comes into direct make contact with with the attackers. She must either join the alien guard and aid them to shield other planets or she must stay on Earth and die with everyone else.

This book is 31,689 words.   It's a novella.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Number of Pages: 85

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