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Alien Disaster

Reviews 5 Stars
Alien Disaster

The book has 181 pages. Whilst reading can be something in which everyone can engage in, there are absolutely a number of ways where you might make the enjoyment a great deal better. Some people proclaim they just don't have enough time to read, however reading can also be a good usage of time, especially with the proper book. Consider this advice and you will probably really like reading books. Envision oneself as the key figure, contemplating and also desperate for the answers as you go along.

Author: Rob May

Fourteen-year-old Brandon Walker's globe is turned upside-down within the middle creating use of the summer holidays when London is hit by a mysterious and catastrophic attack. Alien Disaster is a fast-paced science fiction thriller. With the help of two unlikely friends, he battles to uncover a secret within his own family that may nicely hold the crucial to saving the whole planet.


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